Worldwide Express Ranked No. 1 in America for Career Advancement
Worldwide Express Ranked No. 1 in America for Career Advancement

Here’s a quick quiz: Who is ranked No. 1 on the list of best companies to work for in terms of career advancement? a)  Facebook b) Southwest Airlines c) Shell Oil d) LinkedIn e) Bain & Company

Answer: None of the Above

According to, the best entry level sales jobs in America are at Worldwide Express, ahead of all those iconic brands and dozens more.

In Glassdoor reviews, employees credited the company with outstanding management and a rigorous training and development program that turbocharges new graduates and sets them on a path to exciting, rewarding careers.

The Dallas-based package and freight-shipping firm, founded in 1995, is among the nation’s largest resellers of UPS® services to small and midsize businesses. Better still for new graduates in an era of scarce opportunity: Worldwide Express is one of the fastest-growing companies of its kind in the nation. It now has more than 150 franchises from coast to coast, so there are opportunities almost no matter where you want to live.

Employees say WWE is tops for best entry level sales jobs

Current employees do not mince words in their reviews for Glassdoor. They say working for Worldwide Express is a challenge: the performance bar is high and unyielding and the hours can be long.

“If you aren’t willing to work hard, then this definitely isn’t the place for you,” said one employee, a major account executive in St. Louis, after just two years on the job. “You truly do get what you give. Sometimes the hours are long, but the rewards that come from all the hard work are more than worth it.”

On the flip side, that account exec praised a corporate culture “unlike any other company I’ve seen” and said the potential for earnings is “uncapped.”

“There is a huge support system, the teams (on both a national and local level) are awesome, and I love going to work every single day,” the employee said. “From a financial standpoint, we have an uncapped earning potential. As long as you’re willing to put the time in, the payoff is huge.”

Extensive training is part of the WWE program

Employees told Glassdoor that Worldwide Express’ training program is extensive and supportive. The program includes new-hire training for each sales and account management associate, and it features advanced courses that enable associates to learn advanced skills and network with their peers. Additionally, management training shows local leaders how to recruit and develop talent, and to create business plans for their offices.

The program combines with WWE’s rapid growth to create the perfect storm for swift upward mobility. Newer employees say one of the coolest things is knowing that the managers and executives they work for are just a few years removed from starting out themselves.

“This company is consistently growing from week to week,” said a senior account manager in Southern California. “There are plenty of opportunities to increase what you make here both in your salary, commissions and contest winnings. A competitive company full of young, energetic people hungry to do well.”

A Great Honor for WWE

Tom Madine, president and chief operating officer of Worldwide Express, joined the company in 1997 as a franchise owner. He said being ranked among such companies as Facebook, Shell Oil and Southwest Airlines “is a great honor in itself.”

“But to be ranked ahead of those iconic brands as the nation’s top company for advancement of employees,” he said, “is incredible.”

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