What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Career Longevity (Seriously)
What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Career Longevity (Seriously)

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny her staying power.

Taylor Swift has been topping charts since 2006 and holds numerous records, including the iTunes record for highest-ever first-week album sales.

At just 23, she’s in the top 10 of the Forbes Celebrity 100 list and was the highest-paid woman in music in 2012. Swifty’s also the solo artist with the most sellout concerts at the Staples Center, beating out heavyweights Madonna and Britney Spears.

It goes without saying that she’s at the top of her industry. Follow her business plan and you just might get to the top of your industry, too.

Be Adaptive …

T. Swift began her career as a bright-eyed country darling with an abundance of bouncing curls and floral dresses. Her debut album received attention for its hopeful, mature voice and balance of country and pop sound.

Fast forward a few years and you’ll find quite a different picture. Swift’s newest album, Red, has just about every genre, but her country influence is almost unidentifiable. Gone, too, are the sweet dresses and curls. They’ve been replaced by sleek, blunt bangs and an overwhelming amount of high-waisted shorts, striped shirts and, of course, red.

The lesson in this transition is to not be afraid to break out of your box, even if you’re in an entry-level sales job. If your boss is stressed about a major project, offer to take on some extra work around the office.

You might not have the skills to handle all of the tasks, but make it clear that you’re willing to learn and adapt to a new set of responsibilities. It will also show your boss that you’re capable of branching out from your normal duties, which could lead to a promotion.

… But Maintain A Trademark

No matter how much her style of music changes, the content of Taylor’s songs will most likely stay the same.

It’s common knowledge that Swift draws inspiration from her life, and it’s safe to say that about half of her songs will involve failed relationships, heartbreak or some good old-fashioned revenge.

Don’t take this tip quite  literally – it’s probably not a good idea to become the coworker who constantly complains about her love life – but identify a quality unique to you (your “differentiator”) and stick with it.

This can be anything from being the first in the office each morning to sending a light-hearted email when someone is having a bad day. Whatever it is, give yourself a trademark that reminds your boss and coworkers what a great asset you are. 

Be a Good Networker

Swifty has made a point of building relationships with everyone from country heavy hitters Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley to pop producers such as Max Martin to upcoming artists like Ed Sheeran.

This is a strategy you must use as well. Avoid getting comfortable in your bubble of co-workers and branch out. Engage in a little water cooler chat or eat lunch in the company kitchen instead of going out.

Build relationships with co-workers, even if you don’t directly work with each other. You never know when you’ll need help on a project or a recommendation for a promotion.

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