How to Become a Top Sales Rep
How to Become a Top Sales Rep

It comes as no surprise that top-performing sales representatives make more than their less successful counterparts, but the gap in pay can be quite shocking to some.

The average sales rep salary is just under $40,000 a year, but top sellers can bring home more than $200,000. The reason for such a large difference is simply the economic principle of scarcity.

Sales is one of the most challenging industries. Naturally, those who outperform their coworkers will be more desirable to employers, resulting in higher base salaries and commissions. It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

Whether you’re working at your first sales job after college or have been in the industry for several years, you can use the following three tips to improve your sales skills.

Sales Reps Constantly Expected to Improve

In many professions, employees only need to show stable performance to ensure job security. In the sales industry, however, employees must constantly improve to meet ever-rising goals.

Sales productivity is a watchword, a motivator and a benchmark. No matter how high a sales person’s productivity rises, there is always an expectation that the next quarter or the next year will be better. This push can be daunting to some, but top sales reps use it as motivation. They know that the more they sell, the more money they’ll make off of the commission.

Top Reps Perfect the Art of the Close

Developing closing skills is integral to building a sales career. You might be great at making cold calls, giving presentations and prospecting new clients, but if you can’t close a deal you’ll never be successful. You’ll find very few clients who will buy what you’re selling without making you work for it.

Being too pushy or too indifferent about closing a deal will leave you struggling to meet your goals. Here are three simple tips to improve your closing skills.

  • Learn to read prospects’ body language and interpret language cues beyond face value by reading voice inflection, emphasis, etc.
  • Partner with prospects by building relationships that allow both you and prospects to move through the sales cycle together so you’re on the same page
  • Constantly ask questions to solicit feedback and determine possible real objections to closing

You Control Your Results

Taking personal responsibility for results isn’t simple, but it’s part of what makes sales so difficult. Sales reps must accept these conditions every day. In sales, you’re largely accountable for deciding who to call, how many clients to prospect and how often you check in with those clients.

Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects of sales is that there’s no set way to succeed. You can get advice from dozens of seasoned sales professionals, but you must find the unique formula that works best for you.

This complete control, though, is one of the greatest aspects of the industry. When you’re in control, you can determine how to reach personal and professional goals with a strategy that is most lucrative for you.

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