Need a ‘Big Fish’ Account to Launch Your Sales Career? Here Are 5 Tips.
Need a ‘Big Fish’ Account to Launch Your Sales Career? Here Are 5 Tips.

It’s only natural that you want to land a “big fish” account to really launch your sales career — the kind of impressive haul that makes someone back up and say, with wide eyes, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

A large account can call for some different methods than the norm. Here’s a look at 5 tips from sales experts on how to make that big catch. (Just don’t let it become your own “white whale.”)

1. Do your research: As with any sales call, a little research can go a long way. Start out on the Web, looking for any valuable information or recent news items about the company. Jamie Herzlich of Newsday writes that this approach should include finding the right contacts, and she quotes sales consultant and author Barry Farber on tackling the various layers. “Target the top but take care of everybody on down,” he says. “Build a relationship with every level as much as possible.”

2. Think ‘off-the-radar’ companies: Tom Searcy, a sales consultant and co-author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company, says that identifying prospects doesn’t necessarily mean big-name, big-logo companies. “They move slowly,” he writes for “Look for potential key accounts that are off everyone’s radar. Trust me, they are out there, plugging away. These companies may not be high-profile, but they have money.”

3. Consider budget over revenue: Like Searcy, Doug O’Grady of says that big isn’t always better. Targeting companies that are on the rise, especially ones that may have more budget flexibility, could lead to bigger things. “Incorporate this into your pre-qualification process and enact a system to prioritize your leads based on likely budget,” he writes. “Also look at medium-sized organizations that are in a growth phase or companies emerging from the start-up phase (who are well funded) who could use your product or service and may have the budget to become a key account for you.”

4. Think like a politician: Farber recommends becoming the “mayor” of an account in a piece for Not in terms of control or power, but as in shaking hands, making contacts and generally trying to make a positive impression — like someone on the campaign trail. As with a politician, the success of your sales career will be determined by effective relationships. “When you’re in the running for an account, you’ve got to do the same thing,” he says. “Write a note of thanks to everyone you meet, and include some information that might interest them. You never know what their influence on the decision-maker might be or when they might be in the decision-making position themselves.”

5. Keep track of the company’s changes: Timing can play a part in landing a large account. As O’Grady writes, big companies may not look to make a major change just because a talented salesperson walked through the door. “If you prospect a larger account only to be told to check back, keep that organization on your radar,” he says. “As soon as external events like a new funding round, new market entry or leadership change occur, follow up with information on how what you have to offer can help navigate that change.”

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