Nine Tips for a Better Sales Presentation
/ July 21, 2015 0 COMMENTS
How do you close a deal with a poor sales presentation? You don’t. Make sure your ...
How to Network Using Social Media
/ July 9, 2015 0 COMMENTS
Social media offers a catch-22 for salespeople: There’s unparalleled access to hundreds, even thousands, of sales prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. But not so fast! People ...
Navigating Tough Negotiations
/ June 23, 2015 0 COMMENTS
When salespeople get past the initial steps with a prospect — introducing the product or service and gauging overall interest — the negotiation process may not be far behind. Here’s ...
The Lost Art of Note Taking
/ June 16, 2015 0 COMMENTS
Like the lost art of letter-writing, many of us seem to have forgotten the value of taking good notes in a business meeting. With our smart phones and tablets, we can text and message ...
Cutting Past the Cost Issue
/ June 9, 2015 0 COMMENTS
Four words that are all too common for salespeople to hear: “It costs too much.” Objections based on price are inevitable, but there are ways to work around them. Here are a few tips on ...
In Sales, The Early Bird Gets the Worm
In Sales, The Early Bird Gets the Worm
/ June 4, 2015 0 COMMENTS
The “early bird” theory is a natural fit for the sales world, according to author and consultant Jill Konrath. “Most salespeople spend their time chasing prospects who are actively ...
Inspiring Words for New Grads
Inspiring Words for New Grads
/ June 2, 2015 0 COMMENTS
For college students pondering their next move after graduation, there’s a lot of wisdom being shared this time of year. It’s graduation season, and featured speakers are aiming to ...
Sales Stumbling Blocks
Sales Stumbling Blocks
/ May 28, 2015 0 COMMENTS
For new, up-and-coming salespeople, learning the art of selling can be a dizzying experience. Beyond understanding the product or service and knowing how to make a sales call, there are ...
Super Sales Tips from The Avengers
Super Sales Tips from The Avengers
/ May 26, 2015 0 COMMENTS
As predicted, the latest Avengers movie is the hit of the early summer box office, bringing in $191 million in its first weekend. The franchise has a winning combination — beloved ...
Lessons from Letterman
Lessons from Letterman
/ May 21, 2015 0 COMMENTS
The long late-night run of David Letterman has ended, and the tributes have been all over television in recent weeks. What made the talk-show host such a hit? Some of his strongest ...
Sales Lessons from The Time 100
Sales Lessons from The Time 100
/ May 19, 2015 0 COMMENTS
The Time 100 has become an eagerly awaited annual list of influential leaders, entertainers and thinkers. Though any such list is up for debate, many of those honored by Time have ...

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