Above-and-Beyond WWE Service Brings Delicious Results
Above-and-Beyond WWE Service Brings Delicious Results

We hate to brag (Aw, who are we kidding? We love to brag!), but our customers love Worldwide Express. Why? Because WWE will do just about anything to help its businesses succeed.

One small example from our Springfield, Mo., office, led by Ryan Ilges: Customer Peggy Jean’s Pies recently raved about the service she got from WWE’s Spencer Gardner that might soon allow PJ’s delicious pies to be enjoyed from coast to coast.

As Peggy Jean’s recounted on its blog, it has struggled to ship its desserts without the beautiful pie turning into a “big mess” on the way. Packaging was a big obstacle, as the company found when attempting to ship a 9-inch German Chocolate pie to an associate in New York City.

Then, along came Spencer to see if WWE might be able to help PJ’s with its logistics. I’ll let Peggy Jean’s blog describe what happened next:

“When I said to Spencer that he couldn’t help us ship pies because we didn’t have the boxes to properly ship them, he took it upon himself to find the company to make us the boxes. I know, right? Spencer was automatically fast-tracked to the PJP Inner Circle for caring enough to track us down some sort of box specialist that is local(ish) instead of ignoring us or throwing us to the black hole of the Internet.”

Spencer took it upon himself to track down “Mike,” representative of a regional producer of 100 percent recycled packaging. A brainstorming session was arranged, and PJ’s shipping problem was on the way to being resolved.

Says PJ’s:

“Soon, Mike will be back with prototype boxes and we will start to roll out test shipments … We are all hopeful for a green light on the shipping options by August.”

Unparalleled Customer Service Makes WWE Special

The anecdote is one small example of how WWE serves its customers – and what makes it a thriving third-party logistics provider. In short: We care. When you care, customers really take notice and reward you for the effort. Solving real business problems is fun, and helping customers grow their businesses is rewarding. It’s one of the things that makes WWE a great place to start a career in sales.

Soon, when you’re able to order delectable Peggy Jean’s treats in Bismarck or Boston, you can give a shout out to Spencer Gardner and the WWE team in Springfield, Mo., that helped make it all possible.

Way to go, team!

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