A Yankee in Red Sox Nation: WWE’s Jimmer Bennett Has Guts
A Yankee in Red Sox Nation: WWE’s Jimmer Bennett Has Guts

Jimmer Bennett has guts. He hails from Albany, N.Y., and is an account executive at Worldwide Express’ Boston office. That puts a New Yorker — and a diehard Yankees fan — right in the middle of the Red Sox Nation.

Bennett remains undaunted.

“I bleed pinstripes,” he says proudly, referring to his beloved Yankees and Boston’s longtime rivals. He’s equally devoted to the New York Knicks and the New York Giants, and he’s not afraid to let his friends and co-workers know it. “I’m always chirping,” he says, “letting them know that Tom Brady’s no hero.”

Bennett, 23, graduated with a classics degree from Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., in 2013. He has followed in his father’s footsteps — Jim Bennett, who owns multiple Worldwide Express franchises — and started with the company in Boston in August 2013.

Bennett says his athletics background helped him prepare for a career in sales. He played wide receiver for his college’s Division III football team for four years, which included a Liberty League championship his freshman year.

“Sports, in general, teaches you a lot about how to have a strong and passionate work ethic,” he says. “If you have a strong and passionate work ethic every single day, you’re going to be successful, no matter what you do. Football in college —having 5 a.m. practices — was extremely demanding, for your body as well as your mind, and really having to grind every single day. That same kind of work ethic I had on the football field and the weight room, I’ve tried to bring that into the office, and I’ve had some success so far.”

He’s off to a quick start. Bennett won the “Dash for Cash” contest for getting the most accounts and margin dollars among those in his training class.

Here’s more from him on life and work in Boston:

What attracted me to Worldwide Express: “I interviewed in early August and I went to the training class. I was very impressed, because the way Worldwide Express trains their employees is very different. They train them to sell to presidents and CEOs of companies, and I think that’s why Worldwide Express has a lot of success. Guys my age know how to sell to CEOs and presidents of major companies.”

My introduction to a sales career: “There was a major learning curve, and there still is right now. Every day, I’m learning something new. When I first started, compared to the other five reps in the office who were all there for at least a year, I didn’t know much about how to sell anything. At first it was memorizing scripts and getting used to it, and forming my own way to sell that script. I believe I’ve had a lot of success because I’ve been able to put my own words into that script and really have a personal conversation about what that company is actually doing. I think I picked it up very quickly, due to the other guys in the office. There’s a lot of teamwork that goes on in our office and I think that’s why we’re so successful.”

The best part of my job: “The best part of my job is every day I have the ability to play and be No. 1. With my competitive background in football, I really love that. I want to be No. 1 in everything I do. There are a lot of companies out there, but there’s not a lot, I believe, that really give you the ability, day in and day out, to be No. 1.”

What I would tell a new college graduate interested in this career: “I would tell them to prepare for the daily grind. Understand that you’re going to fail. You’re going to fail so many times before you succeed once. At first I had trouble failing so much, but then I realized that in this business, people are going to tell you no 50 times a day. And as long as you get that 51st person to say yes, you’re going to be very successful. It was tough at first for sure, because I wasn’t used to so many people slamming doors in my face, telling me no, telling me they’re all set, acting like soliciting was illegal. When I started to embrace it — and understand that it’s a part of the business and it’s part of succeeding, not just in sales but in life — I became a much better sales rep and a much better person because of it.”

The Boston office team: “In the office, we’re all good friends. We all go out on the weekends together. There’s a lot of camaraderie, and I think that’s another reason why we’re so successful, because we all want to see each other do well. … At the same time we’re working together, we’re working against each other to be No. 1. I think it’s safe to say our office is extremely hungry and extremely competitive, just because of the backgrounds. They all have very similar backgrounds, similar football backgrounds. We all come to the office with a lot of energy. We’re all in there at  7 o’clock and we’re all ready to go, yelling at each other, getting ready for the day.”

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