4 Effective Sales Techniques to Round Out Your Playbook
4 Effective Sales Techniques to Round Out Your Playbook

There are dozens of sales techniques to close a deal, and each has its pros and cons. Extroverts, for example, might excel at making sales through extensive networking, while introverts might prefer to seal the deal over a quiet client lunch.

Even if you have developed a certain sales technique that works well, it’s wise to try a different approach every now and then. Changing up your game will show your clients that you’re not just going through the motions of making a sale and will make you a more skilled sales rep. The best salespeople know how to read a situation and adjust their approaches to a specific client or prospective client. And, as we know, happy clients lead to successful careers in sales.

Here are four effective sales techniques anyone can master:

The Buddy                             

People will be more willing to buy from someone they like. Salespeople who use this approach are warm, friendly and genuinely interested in their client. They connect on an emotional level with a prospective customer.

This approach is very effective, but it will backfire if you’re not genuine. There are few things more insulting than someone pretending to like you to get your money. If a prospective customer senses your friendship is insincere, you’ll lose the lead.

Avoid this problem by checking in regularly with your customer, before, during and after you make the sale. Making sure the client is happy with your products will let him know you genuinely want him to be happy and will build a long-lasting business relationship.

The Guru

A less emotional approach to sales is to become an expert in your industry. Position yourself as a problem-solver who can answer any question and tackle any issue that your prospect lays before you. With this approach, you gain valuable credibility and trust from the client.

The guru approach requires plenty of research and a dedication to stay updated on your industry. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can do very well both in selling to your prospects and generating plenty of referrals. Once customers realize what a great resource you are, they’re likely to refer their friends and coworkers to you.

The Consultant

This approach is a combination of the guru and buddy tactics. The salesperson who elects to use the hybrid approach presents himself as an expert who has the customer’s best interests in mind.

This approach combines the best qualities of the first two proven methods, so it’s extremely effective. As such, it also requires a great deal of time and effort on a salesperson’s part. You must be both knowledgeable and able to make an emotional connection with your prospects. If you can manage to accomplish both of these feats, your sales will take off exponentially.

The Networker

Networking can be a big help for any salesperson. The dedicated networker succeeds largely by setting up and maintaining a web of business contacts, co-workers and customers. A strong network will create an ongoing flow of leads.

It is important to note that this approach requires spending a great deal of time cultivating relationships. It’s a highly effective technique for salespeople who enjoy attending various events and meeting new people. It’s vitally important to remember that you need to reciprocate by doing favors and sending leads back to the people who’ve helped you, also.

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