Recognition Means More Than a Plaque

No great achievement goes unrecognized and no accomplishment goes unnoticed at Worldwide Express. Our talented professionals deserve to be commended for their hard work and contributions to the company. Performance recognition happens throughout the year and leads up to the much anticipated Annual Conference.

WWE Annual Conference and Awards Night

Every year when the summer months come to an end, the excitement buzzes at Worldwide Express as we gear up for our Annual Conference. This event epitomizes our culture. It is a time to reconnect with colleagues and celebrate all of the hard work that has culminated in another great year. The conference is capped off by our Annual Awards Ceremony, a formal dinner recognizing exceptional performances in offices all over the country. Top producers take center stage and bask in their district and individual performance glory. The winners of our National Sales Competitions are announced and over $100,000 in prize money is awarded. Talk about a grand finale.

Why not make this your year to collect a check at the Annual Conference? Take a look at this year’s National Sales Contest winners.


Quarterly Sales Contest – Q4 

Mark Sieckman – Chicago

Stephen Owings – Team Memphis

Richard Alexander – Team Utah

Cody Seaber – Dallas CBD

Felix Llanos – New York City


President’s Club

Account Managers

Bracket 2

Samantha Hargis – Dallas CBD

Andrea Hodges – Grand Rapids

Chelsea Bielitz – Houston NW

Christina  Alehouse  – Atlanta II

Caitlin Alloway – Springfield, MO


Bracket 1

Wendy Sutherland – Chicago

Ryan Gombita – Team OC

Ana Lottero – NJ Central

Samantha Shevchuk – NJ Central

Stefana Beninato – NJ Central


Sales Managers

Bracket 2

Eric Kanian – Team Memphis

Robby Felix – Dallas CBD

Brian Brown – Team Pasadena

Clinton Squadroni – The Region

Dave Stavale – Grand Rapids


Bracket 1

Ryan Kent & Mike McCarthy – Detroit

Alex Stark & Steven Anderson – LA Fusion

Mike Parnell – Team Boston


Account Executives

Spencer Gardner – Springfield, MO

Sarah Garvey – Indianapolis

Mark Puskar – The Region

Ken Taylor – LA Fusion

Katie Shaw – Charlotte Fusion

Sean Layton – Detroit

Mike Jones – Pittsburgh

Andrew Call – Team Pasadena

Mark Sieckman – Chicago

Stephen Owings – Team Memphis

Chris Synnestvedt – Chicago

Nate Allis – Grand Rapids

Erik Munzer – Team Pasadena

Catherine Liske – St Louis

Jimmer Bennett – Team Boston

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