Recognition Means More Than a Plaque

No great achievement goes unrecognized and no accomplishment goes unnoticed at Worldwide Express. Our talented professionals deserve to be commended for their hard work and contributions to the company. Performance recognition happens throughout the year and leads up to the much anticipated Annual Conference.

WWE Annual Conference and Awards Night

Every year when the summer months come to an end, the excitement buzzes at Worldwide Express as we gear up for our Annual Conference. This event epitomizes our culture. It is a time to reconnect with colleagues and celebrate all of the hard work that has culminated in another great year. The conference is capped off by our Annual Awards Ceremony, a formal dinner recognizing exceptional performances in offices all over the country. Top producers take center stage and bask in their district and individual performance glory. The winners of our National Sales Competitions are announced and over $100,000 in prize money is awarded. Talk about a grand finale.

Why not make this your year to collect a check at the Annual Conference? Take a look at this year’s National Sales Contest winners.


2013 Sales Sprint 1

Account Executives

5th Place Katie Shaw – Charlotte Fusion
4th Place Heather Harnell – Minneapolis Fusion
3rd Place Josh Anderson – Team Inland Empire
2nd Place Ben Drake – Team Pasadena
1st Place Joe Douglas – Team Orange County

Account Managers

Bracket 2
2nd Place Jessica Cafferty – San Diego Fusion

Bracket 1
2nd Place Amy Schmieder – Northern California
1st Place Lisa Marin – Detroit


2013 Sales Sprint 2

Account Executives

5th Place Katie Shaw – Charlotte Fusion
4th Place Jordan Colleti – Team Phoenix
3rd Place Joe Doulgas – Team OC
2nd Place Mark Nyquist – San Diego
1st Place Kyle Ilges – Springfield, MO

Account Managers

Bracket 2
2nd Place Kylee Seacat – Denver
1st Place Caitlin Alloway – Springfield, MO

Bracket 1
2nd Place Andrea Hodges – Grand Rapids
1st Place Gabrielle Curtis – Denver


2013 President’s Club

Account Executives

Joe Douglas – Team OC
Kyle Ilges – Springfield, MO
Chris Synnestvedt – Chicago
Heather Harnell – Minneapolis Fusion
Katie Shaw – Charlotte Fusion
Louie Haseltine – St. Louis
Jordan Colletti –Team Phoenix
Josh Anderson – Team Inland Empire
Ben Drake – Team Pasadena
Megan Bartlett – Huntington Beach

Account Managers

Gabrielle Curtis – Denver
Caitlin Alloway – Springfield, MO
Britteny Dulin – BV Charleston

Sales Managers

Andy Luciano St. Louis
Andrew Howard – BV Gulf South
John Hartman & Mike Larkin – Long Island
Dave Truscello – Charlotte Fusion
Tom Cook – Minneapolis Fusion
Ryan Holland – Team OC
Bill Quense – NJ Central
Brian O’Neill – Chicago
Justin Ernest – Ventura
Kieran Lang – BV Northeast
Mike Parnell & Brian Shay – Team Boston
Alex Stark & Steven Anderson – LA Fusion